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S’mores without the campfire! These Peanut Butter S’mores have a graham cracker crust, lots of marshmallow, rich chocolate and a peanut butter drizzle – all served in a jar.

Peanut Butter S'mores in a Jar

Who is starting school this week, or has already started?

I’m a newbie to this whole school thing. Well, this being a mom to someone in school thing. My oldest is going into Kindergarten this year, and I feel like I totally don’t know what to expect. I think I’m more nervous for everything than my daughter is.

I’m one of those people that gets so caught up in everything that is going on in life that sometimes I miss the details. I totally knew that school started this week. So I was prepared. And then I found out on Friday that while school does start this week, the kindergarten classes don’t start for another week.

Yeah – I’m that mom that would have totally sent her daughter on the school bus a week before she was actually supposed to be there.
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French bread is topped with cooked sausage, portobello mushrooms and cheese in this easy French bread pizza recipe.

French Bread Pizza with Sausage and Portobello Mushrooms

Originally posted August 7, 2007 – Over the years, French bread pizza has become a favorite for us. This recipe is one of the earliest versions that I made, and I still love it today. We’ve changed the recipe just a bit over the years (the recipe below reflects my changes). This is a super easy weeknight recipe, or a great way to change up pizza night. The filling is hearty and filling and even though it is only a few ingredients, the flavor is awesome. Definitely one of our favorites!

I have been a bit absent from my own blog the last week. I spent the weekend in New Mexico for a family reunion, and the few days before that getting things ready for the trip. When I got back on Sunday night, we were too tired to do anything, and after we unpacked the truck, we spent the evening lounging around. When I checked my reader on Monday morning, I was not very surprised to see that I had over 200 updates that I needed to read. Overwhelming!! Thank goodness my work is slow right now and I need something to pass the time while I am there – I made it through over 100 of them yesterday and have been trying to tackle the rest today.
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A big welcome to today’s Blogger Spotlight – Kelly from Nosh and Nourish. Kelly is all about adding healthful and nutritious ingredients to your everyday cooking, and has a cookbook coming out next Spring called Superfoods at Every Meal. I’m so excited for her!! I’m so excited to be introducing you all to her today!

Nosh and Nourish Logo
Kelly from Nosh and NourishFor the first 30 years of her life, Kelly didn’t enjoy, er… hated cooking. She often found herself in the kitchen mid-cooking soon realizing she was missing an important ingredient — like making Honey Dijon Chicken and discovering she didn’t have any mustard! The shift came when she realized she much preferred looking into the pantry, seeing what was on hand, and creating something from scratch rather than trying to follow someone else’s recipe. And in doing so, she discovered she was quite talented at creating delicious, unique, and nourishing recipes, and that she actually enjoyed it! Her goal is to make healthy eating seem doable in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When not creating new recipes or taking pictures of them, she can be found exploring the mountains, harvesting beet greens from her garden, hiking, or fly-fishing. She and her husband live with their toddler and two beagles in a small mountain town outside of Denver, Colorado.

What inspired you to first start writing your blog?
After my daughter was born, I realized that I needed to show her how to live a happy, healthy life. I wanted her to grow to love her body and KNOW 100% that she is strong, beautiful and loved. I changed the way I ate and cooked and gave her the best start I could. My blog was a way to reflect my newly found passion for whole, nourishing foods/cooking and a way to help others realize it doesn’t have to be hard, extravagant or time-consuming. I also discovered a passion for photography, which I think helps my blog and recipes stand out.

Nosh and Nourish - Blueberry Crumble MuffinsBlueberry Crumble Muffins

What is your favorite kind of food to make?
Evidently breakfast foods, because I have soooo many on my blog! From quiche to pancakes to smoothies to muffins, I’ve got you covered!! Speaking of muffins, there’s Banana Nut ones, Pumpkin ones, Gluten-free Spice ones, Brownie Batter Zucchini ones, Greek Yogurt Strawberry ones, and these Bluberry Crumble ones.
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Forget boring mac and cheese! This baked mac and cheese combines cheesy macaroni with bacon and tomatoes, and then is served with a simple romaine salad.

BLT Baked Mac and Cheese

As much as I love going on vacation, coming home is hard.

I have been working for myself for awhile now, and one thing I have learned is that it’s not easy to just take some time off. When I worked in an office, I’d ask for time off, the time would come, and I’d go on vacation. Leave work behind. Well, when you are self employed, you have to do all of the work for the time you are missing before you leave, and then come back to a whole lot when you get back.

Over the past few years, whenever I’ve travelled, I’ve usually worked. Because it just takes too much time to get completely ahead.
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Chopped chicken, sweet mango and lots of vegetables are combined with a coconut milk dressing in this light and healthy Mango Chicken Salad. Serve on tortillas as a wrap, on a sandwich, or just straight from the bowl!

Mango Chicken Salad

I have been all over the board when it comes to dinner lately. One night, I’ll want something warm and comforting and dinner will be a big bowl of pasta. The next night, I’ll just want something easy and hit the grill. And then the next night, I might not even feel like eating, so I’ll scrounge something together for the kids to eat.

I blame it on the time of year. I know that fall is around the corner and back to school meals are being talked about left and right. But it’s still hot outside, and it’s still summer. There is this inner battle going on.
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Prepare breakfast ahead of time for easy mornings with this easy and family pleasing Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole Recipe.

Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole Recipe

This post has been sponsored by Jones Dairy Farm.

I just got back from a week in upper Idaho/Wyoming/Montana last night. It was a lot of fun, but my husband wasn’t able to come because he couldn’t get the week off of work. Luckily, my family was there and helped me out a ton – I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. It was so much fun, but at the same time, being a single parent for the week was a lot of work.

As I was putting the kids down, I noticed that my daughter had put her head under her pillow and was crying. I went and sat down next to her to find out what was wrong. And then she asked me, with tears in her eyes, if we could go on vacation again the next morning.
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