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Hard-boiled eggs are filled with deviled ham for a great Easter version of deviled eggs.

Deviled Ham and Eggs on Taste and Tell

Every once in awhile, I’ll have an idea come into my head that I get super excited about. Something that I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere else. An original.

Only to find out that your idea isn’t quite as original as you thought it was.

A lot of times, when I have an idea, I’ll just go with it. But sometimes, I hit the web and search to see if there is something similar.

A few weeks back, I was brainstorming recipes that I wanted to make to bring to you all for Easter. One of my favorite things to make this time of year are deviled eggs, (a great way to use up those eggs from the Easter egg hunt!!). I was also trying to think up ideas of ways to use up leftover ham, because we always have leftovers. Especially when I make a ham for just my small family.
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The perfect combination of sweet and savory, this ham is glazed with a mixture of cherries, brown sugar, mustard and cinnamon.

Cherry and Brown Sugar Glazed Ham on Taste and TellThis post has been sponsored by Jones Dairy Farm.

I’m pretty lucky.

I have an amazing family, and when it comes to holidays, it’s usually about as low stress as can be for me. There is no way my entire family would comfortably fit in my house, so I’m off the hook for ever hosting any holiday celebrations. So usually, we just get invited and get to bring a side dish or dessert for the meal.

Which makes things pretty easy. Not to mention that I come from a family of great cooks, so the meal is always amazing, even when/if I decide to try a new recipe last minute that doesn’t quite work out as planned. (I really should know to stick with tried and true recipes when I’m serving to a crowd!!)
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Coconut French macarons are sandwiched with strawberry buttercream in these light meringue cookies.

Strawberry Colada Macarons on Taste and Tell

As with most things, my blogging journey has taken many twists and turns over the last 7 years. When I first started, my blog was really just a place where I could review and talk about the recipes that I had made. That’s why – if you go through the first few years of my blog, you will find a sprinkling of recipes that I didn’t love or that I had problems with.

Today, it’s more about bringing you the best of the best. If we didn’t love it, it doesn’t make it on. There is testing and changing and perfecting.

Somewhere in the beginning/middle years, I decided that I needed to start challenging myself. That’s when the Daring Bakers came in – and with a monthly challenge – I was stretched and challenged and learned something new every month. But ever since I stopped those monthly challenges, I haven’t been as diligent in trying new things. New recipes? Yes. Working on the skills that I had already tried but needed to perfect? Yes. But branching out and trying something completely new? Not so much.
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The Lion House Pantry in Salt Lake City,UT, is probably most widely known by their rolls, and you can make them at home, too!

Lion House Rolls on Taste and TellPhotos and Recipe Updated April 2014

Originally published March 9, 2009 – This is probably my favorite roll recipe, and I’ve known for a long time that I needed to update this post with better photos and instructions. I originally got this recipe from on of the chefs at The Lion House Pantry Restaurant, but the instructions were not very detailed. So I have updated the recipe as well as added in a few step by step photos. For help in shaping the rolls in their traditional shape, you can watch this video.  These are perfect for holiday meals – so they’d make the perfect roll for your Easter celebrations!
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Perfect for watching your favorite team play or for Friday night dinner, these Baked Mexican Eggrolls are a fun way to serve up your favorite Mexican flavors.

Baked Mexican Eggrolls with Enchilada Guacamole on Taste and Tell

This post has been sponsored by Old El Paso.

When it comes to watching your favorite team play, what kind of food do you like to serve?

Since it’s still March Madness time, I thought I’d bring you one more recipe that would be perfect for game day. I love chips and dips and finger foods, but sometimes I want to serve something a little more substantial, too.
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A fresh take on the Caesar salad, this pasta salad/green salad hybrid is combined with a homemade dressing for a perfect side dish or potluck salad.

Fusilli Caesar Salad on Taste and Tell

I don’t have many claims to fame. Back in 2001 while in New York City, my sisters and I were in the crowd outside the Today Show and Al Roker talked to me on air. And then one time, I was in line behind Donny Osmand at See’s Candy in the mall. I obviously live a pretty exciting life. :)

But years ago, I was contacted by Kelsey Nixon to write for the Cafe Zupas website. She was working with them doing recipe development and running their blog, and she had personally chosen me to write for them. I remember meeting up with her in person one day to talk about details and being so nervous. If I remember correctly, this was post Food Network Star but before she started her show on The Cooking Channel. But she was the most down to earth, sweet person that I think I had ever met.

She eventually moved to New York and achieved her dream of cooking on tv, and I have loved watching her journey. Her show, Kelsey’s Essentials, is one of my favorites, and I was SO excited when I heard about the release of her first cookbook – Kitchen Confidence.

Kitchen Confidence by Kelsey Nixon
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