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The Lion House Pantry in Salt Lake City,UT, is probably most widely known by their rolls, and you can make them at home, too!

Lion House Rolls on Taste and TellPhotos and Recipe Updated April 2014

Originally published March 9, 2009 – This is probably my favorite roll recipe, and I’ve known for a long time that I needed to update this post with better photos and instructions. I originally got this recipe from on of the chefs at The Lion House Pantry Restaurant, but the instructions were not very detailed. So I have updated the recipe as well as added in a few step by step photos. For help in shaping the rolls in their traditional shape, you can watch this video.  These are perfect for holiday meals – so they’d make the perfect roll for your Easter celebrations!

As a food blogger, and I’m sure most of you can relate since you are reading about food, I love trying new recipes. And really, the majority of the time, this is a really good thing. Most recipes turn out good, or at least edible, and we never get sick of eating one thing over and over again. But sometimes it can be a bad thing. I can think of a few times when I was supposed to bring something to an event, whether it be a dinner with family or just bringing treats to work, where the recipe I made was a complete flop. Then I had to struggle at the last minute to come up with something else.

So what do you do when it comes to a major food holiday, like Thanksgiving or Christmas? Do you try out recipes weeks before, making sure that it is good enough to grace the holiday table?? I didn’t. But luckily, these rolls turned out delicious!

Last Thanksgiving, (yes, this is how far behind I am in my recipes to blog!), I volunteered to bring the bread. A risky decision for me, because with bread, you never know how it’s going to turn out. Especially when you are trying not one, but two new recipes. And a Thanksgiving table is just not complete without good bread, so the pressure was really on. I must have been having a good day, though, because both recipes came out wonderful. In fact, they were probably the best rolls I have ever made!! And they are both recipes that I will be making again in the future.

UPDATE – Find the Sweet Potato Buttermilk Crescent Roll recipe HERE.

Lion House Rolls Step 1

Roll the dough into an 11×14-inch rectangle.

Lion House Rolls Step 2

Brush the surface of the dough with melted butter.

Lion House Rolls Step 3

Cut the dough in half horizontally.

Lion House Rolls Step 4

Cut into 2×4 rectangles.  You can use your hand as a guide for sizing.

Lion House Rolls Step 5

Roll the rectangles and place on your baking sheet with the tail ends resting on the sheet.  (Check out THIS video for help in shaping the rolls, if needed.)

Lion House Rolls

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Lion House Rolls
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
The Lion House Pantry in Salt Lake City,UT, is probably most widely known by their rolls, and you can make them at home, too!
Serves: about 2½ dozen rolls
  • 2 cups warm water
  • ⅔ cup nonfat instant dry milk
  • 2 tablespoons active dry yeast
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • ⅓ cup butter, softened
  • 1 egg
  • 5-5½ cups flour (you can use all-purpose or bread flour)
  • 3 tablespoons butter, melted, plus softened butter for brushing on top after the rolls are baked
  1. In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine the water and the milk powder and stir to dissolve the milk. Add in the yeast and a tablespoon or so of the sugar and allow the yeast to bloom for 5-10 minutes. Add in the remaining sugar, salt, butter, egg and 2 cups of the flour.
  2. Mix on low speed until all of the ingredients are wet, then mix on medium for 2 minutes. Stop the mixer and add 2 more cups of flour, mix on low until combined, then on medium for 2 minutes. The dough will be getting stiffer at this point. Continue adding flour, ½ cup at a time, until the dough is soft and tacky, but not sticky.
  3. Place the dough in a greased bowl and turn to coat. Cover with plastic wrap and allow to rise in a warm spot until doubled in size.
  4. Sprinkle a work surface lightly with flour. Divide the dough in half. Roll out one half of the dough into an 11x14-inch rectangle. Brush the top of the dough with half of the melted butter. Using a pizza cutter, cut the dough in half horizontally right down the center. Slice the dough into rectangles about 2x4" big. If you hold your hand out so that your hand forms an "L" shape, it can help to be your guide for sizing.
  5. Roll or flip the rectangles, buttered side in, and place on a greased baking pan with the end resting on the baking sheet. Repeat with the second half of the dough.
  6. Cover with a towel or plastic wrap and allow to rise until doubled.
  7. Preheat the oven to 375F. Uncover the rolls and bake until they are browned and cooked through, 15-20 minutes. Brush with softened or melted butter while they are still hot.
source: from a cooking class with a Lion House Pantry chef

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55 Responses to Lion House Rolls

  1. Mary says:

    The Lion House Rolls look fabulous. I can’t wait to try them.

  2. Aimée says:

    They look perfect! A nice round out to Easter dinner!

  3. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    These rolls look incredibly fluffy! Wonderful!



  4. Sylvie says:

    Like you I usually take the risk and just try a new recipe for an event without trying it. The rolls look wonderful.

  5. Ginny says:

    looks great! Those sweet potato buttermilk rolls really intrigue me… will have to give them a try! 🙂

  6. A Feast for the Eyes says:

    I cringe, every time my son begs me to make those croissant rolls in the tube. I’ll bet that these recipes are much better in ingredients and flavor. I’ve got to give these a whirl on the weekend.



  7. Maria says:

    Love homemade rolls, you can always count on the Lion House recipe. They are so good. I want to try the sweet potato rolls!!

  8. Cynthia says:

    Ah baked dough – bread, rolls… all good 🙂

  9. Patsyk says:

    Your rolls like perfect. I like to try out recipes ahead of time to make sure they are good before sharing them… sometimes I take a chance, but then will make something else to go w/it – just in case!

  10. Cookie baker Lynn says:

    You’re brave to try a new recipe for Thanksgiving. Your rolls look perfect. I think I’ll put them on the menu for Easter here.

  11. Sara says:

    Those are some delicious looking rolls – there’s nothing better than homemade bread.

  12. Sophie says:

    You’re killing me with these rolls! I’m glad they turned out well, sure looks like it…oh my! Soo good, love the photo!

  13. Elyse says:

    Both of these rolls look delicious! And, hey, if they’re good enough for the Thanksgiving table, then they must be out-of-this-world good!! I love bread, and I can’t wait to try these recipes!

  14. kat says:

    The rolls look gorgeous!

  15. Spryte says:

    Those look amazing!

  16. Grace says:

    boy, i love bread. that silly atkins diet was ridiculous. 🙂

  17. Megan says:

    I can always use a good roll recipe. Especially with easter right around the corner.

  18. Peabody says:

    I always test run recipes before I bring them places. Drives my husband crazy. He is like, yeah, I had this last week…then he gets kicked under the table. 😉
    These rolls look great…I wish I could eat right now.

  19. The Food Librarian says:

    These look great! I test run a recipe if it for friends, but don’t worry about if it is just for my extended family – they have seen worse and me running in with something store bought because it just didn’t turn out! 🙂

  20. Jade says:

    Those look amazing!
    Thank you.

  21. Fearless Kitchen says:

    I do the same thing – I’m always trying new recipes out on people, even crowds.

  22. glamah16 says:

    They all look perfect.

  23. diva says:

    this sounds heavenly!! OOOH. my love for sweet potatoes. x

  24. eatme_delicious says:

    Mmm what a delicious basket of bread! I usually try new recipes when taking things somewhere and then spend all afternoon/evening stressing out that whatever it is won’t be good!

  25. edeenut says:

    I love a good roll! I have The Lion House recipe book but have never tried there rolls. I MUST try them now! yours look so good.
    My favorite place to eat in Salt Lake City is the Lion House Pantry, I LOVE IT!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful recipe =-)
    Just wondering…..since 2/3 dry milk makes 2 C of milk, would I achieve same product just substituting 2 C of warm milk in the recipe?
    Love, Amori

    • Kate says:

      This is probably irrelevant for Amori, but for anyone else reading, I almost always make these with warm milk instead of the warm water+dry milk combo. It works every time!

  27. Deborah says:

    Anonymous – I actually have no idea! The recipe is the only way I've tried it. If you do try, let me know how it turns out.

  28. Mom to Many says:

    This is one of my favorite roll recipes! Yum!


  29. Lion house rolls straight from the oven are the best! These look perfect 🙂

  30. Oh my gosh, I am SO making these! I haven’t ever been to Lion HOuse, but maybe I need to make a special trip 🙂

  31. These rolls look incredible, wish I had a few straight from the oven!

  32. Rosanne says:

    Hi can I make these in a bread machine?

  33. MCS Gal says:

    The Lion House rolls really are good and yours look just as beautiful as the ones at the Lion House. You’ve made me hungry, I am going to make rolls 🙂

  34. Chels R. says:

    Mmm, I love rolls and these look great!

  35. laura says:

    WOW!!! i’ve just made them and they are incredible good en they look exactly like yours! thank you, thank you!!!

  36. Carolina says:

    I just made this and they were perfect! We’ll have a pirate party tomorrow and this certainly is on the menu! Thanks for sharing!

  37. susan says:

    Is it really 2 tablespoons of yeast? That seems like a lot.

  38. Meys says:

    These rolls turned out great!
    They were really light and tasted amazing with jam (especially for morning tea).

    *I substituted 2 cups of milk (scalded then cooled) for the 2 cups of water/milk powder. I also doubled the sugar and ended up using only 4 ½ cups of flour.

    Thanks for sharing, Deborah.

  39. K Tobin says:

    Just attempted a trial run of these rolls since I plan to serve them for Thanksgiving dinner. They were delicious! The hardest part was figuring out the best size for the rolls. The rest of the recipe was very easy to follow. I will definitely be making these on Thursday and probably for many more special ocassions!

  40. Debbie says:

    I saw this recipe some where else and it told how and when to freeze the dough. Do you have this infor? I would like to make them ahead of time and bake them the day I need them.

  41. Sallie Brown says:

    I just got a Kitchenaide mixer for Christmas. I made homemade bread last weekend for the first time. This weekend, I plan to tackle these rolls with my 13 year old daughter. I can’t wait!

  42. Miranda says:

    Is it possible to use milk instead of dry milk?

    • Deborah says:

      I’m sure you could substitute, but you’d have to adjust the liquids, and I’m not exactly sure what those adjustments would be. My guess is that you could use warm milk instead of the water, but I have not tested it yet. Let me know if you try!

  43. Jill says:

    My kids absolutely LOVED these! I made half regular and half with shredded cheddar cheese and then rolled up. I feel great about giving them these vs. anything store bought. Thank you!!

  44. Amanda says:

    For any vegans looking at this recipe, I subbed coconut milk powder and a flax “egg” with fantastic results.

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