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What do you do when you are in the middle of making a recipe, only to see that it calls for buttermilk but you don’t have any on hand?  Never fear – making a buttermilk substitute is easier than you would imagine!  I’m talking all about it over at the Cafe Zupas Blog today!

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5 Responses to How to: Make a Buttermilk Substitute

  1. Katrina says:

    Something everyone should know! I hate when I get stuck without buttermilk but it happens more times than I’d like it to!

  2. If only I had saw this this past weekend 🙂 I went out and bought buttermilk instead of making my own! ha

  3. Ugh I hate when that happens! I think you can use this trick with nondairy milks too, but I haven’t tried it yet. There are some “buttermilk” pancakes calling my name though so now I will have to give them a whirl 🙂

  4. Thomas Foster says:

    Powdered buttermilk should be on everybody’s “pantry musts” list. I prefer it for baking, ’cause it’s perfectly consistent, and it gives me options when to make the liquid phase thicker. That being said I breed the wet stuff in a jar for pancakes. (Finish a carton, wash it out with milk, milk goes into a jar, jar goes onto the counter for a few hours, buttermilk goes in fridge.)

  5. Erin says:

    I use that method whenever I don’t feel like buying buttermilk, but I feel liek it’s still not the same. Maybe 2% milk is too low fat?

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