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  1. This looks so delicious and so very comforting. I love it. And I am happy you are cooking from this book. I have it and I can follow along.. Nice photo!

  2. This looks great – really healthy, without sacrificing flavor. We’ve been getting the same weather here in Boston – it’s been playing havok with my sinuses. But at least we’re getting some nice and warm days!

  3. This looks great and I have a rosemary plant in my backyard so the fresh rosemary would be wonderful with it!

  4. I can enjoy dishes like these year-around, though we’ve also been teased by the weather here! I do long for spring :).

  5. This looks so delicious! And can you believe I still have a huge rosemary plant growing that is from last summer?

  6. Yay for fast, easy & healthy!! We get a lot of guests coming through town & I'm always looking for new, good, easy recipes!

  7. Yum, roasted chicken with veggies. We had store-bought roasted chicken last night, but no roasted veggies. This recipe sounds very good.

  8. This looks like the perfect cookbook! I love everyday food so this would be great!! The roasted chicken looks yummy!

  9. What a way to complement chicken and leave its original flavor! Looks delicious!


  10. I wish I could get some winter squash in Texas! Boy do I miss Utah…Your dinner looks really good. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Yummy! I just found your blog from studio 5. I have now tried several of your recipes and I am hooked!!

  12. Yummy! I just found your blog from studio 5. I have now tried several of your recipes and I am hooked!!

  13. This looks groovy. As someone who adores baking but doesn’t have much experience cooking, I’m looking to build my repetoire of savory foods. Right now, I only know how to make Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner…or waffles, cookies, and brownies, ha ha.

  14. Can I make a confession? I never buy chicken with the bone still in…unless it’s a whole chicken of course. Kevin gets creeped out having to pull his meat off the bone–no KFC for us!!

  15. This looks really good, but I’m wondering if you could remove the chicken skin and season the meat before baking? I have to (unfortunately) avoid the skin, so I am just curious.

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