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What do you get when you have a bunny with a birthday,



a group of little girls,



and great food and drinks?



A bunny birthday party!!

My adorable niece has a bunny named Buns. And it was his birthday. I was lucky enough to be invited, along with many of her friends, to take part in a birthday party for Buns. And what a good time it was!!

A party for a bunny, you say? Why not!?! If you’ve ever wondered how to throw a birthday party for a bunny, look no further. And don’t worry – if you don’t have a bunny, this would make an equally fun theme for any kid’s birthday party!

Of course there is the food. (The most important part of any party, right??)

There were Carrot Cakes (cupcakes), Shriveled Carrots (cheesy chips), Bunny Tails (assorted donut holes), Veggie Patches (vegetables and dip), and a delicious Cranberry Spritzer. (More on this, plus the recipe, below).

The food was simple and light. The party was after school, but before dinner, so you don’t want to have anything too heavy. And kids love simplicity!

After snacking on the food, it was time for the activities! What kind of activities do you do at a bunny party?

Playing with the bunny, of course.

Dipping bunny peeps in chocolate and sprinkles,

and an Easter egg hunt and making sock bunnies. My sister had sewn the bunnies ahead of time and let the girls each sew the eyes and the face onto their own bunny. And then they got to take them home at the end of the party!

The party was a huge hit. All of the kids had such a great time. (And I’m pretty sure Buns had fun, too. He got spoiled with lots of carrots and veggies.) But do you know what the kids really loved?

The drink!

The makers of Simply Orange® have a new drink out – Simply Cranberry Cocktail. It is made with 100% not-from-concentrate cranberry juice.

I’m a huge fan of the other Simply beverages; we usually have a bottle of Simply Orange® in our fridge. So I knew I would love the Simply Cranberry Cocktail!

Its unique taste, the perfect blend of tartness and sweetness, is delicious on its own, but I decided to make it a little special for the girls. A fancy glass is important when you want little girls to feel special. And of course a slice of lemon or lime!! This simple mix of lemon-lime soda and Simply Cranberry Cocktail was the perfect drink for the party. I’m pretty sure every one of those girls had at least 2 glasses full!!


Cranberry Spritzer
Prep time
Total time
A simple cranberry drink that both kids and adults can enjoy!
  • 1 (59-oz) carafe Simply Cranberry Cocktail
  • 1 (2-liter) bottle lemon-lime soda
  1. Pour the Simply Cranberry Cocktail and the lemon-lime soda into a large pitcher, and lightly mix. Serve chilled, with slices of lemons and limes.



Now for the giveaway!

What is your favorite way to make a party or get-together at your home more festive? Tell me about it in the comments for the chance to win a $100 gift card!


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“Simply Cranberry” is a trademark of Simply Orange Juice Company.

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50 Responses to A Bunny Birthday Party {Cranberry Spritzer Recipe & a Giveaway}

  1. Adorable idea! I think a party is always more fun if you have it outside.

  2. Cute party! I love to string white Christmas lights in my backyard for a more festive summer evening party.

  3. I love lighting candles everywhere, especially if it’s a nice evening, having the whole back yard just twinkling. 😀 Thank you for the giveaway! What a cute bunny party!

  4. Katrina says:

    Oh goodness, that bunny is so cute! What a fun party!

  5. This party is so cute and we love Simply Orange juice so I bet this is delicious too! It’s always fun to have a special drink or dessert station where guests can customize their toppings. I also like to have cute placecards for what each dish is, makes it feel fancy and extra special.

  6. Rosa says:

    A great party and idea!



  7. This is absolutely adorable. The kiddos look so happy!! 🙂

    This is silly, but my latest party favorite is serving drinks with cute straws. They’re always such a conversation-starter, and bring out the kid in everyone!

  8. Becky says:

    What a great idea! I love the Simply juices as well and I didn’t know they had a cranberry juice – yummy!

  9. Super cute idea, I love the ‘shredded carrots’ and your niece is adorable! I love Simply juice, we are obsessed with Mango/Orange so will have to give this flavor a go. Thanks Deb!

  10. amy marantino says:

    i like to have lots of balloons

  11. amy marantino says:

    i tweeted

  12. Margaret says:

    Making a themed fancy cake!

  13. Elaine says:

    I like the party idea for someone or something special – maybe all that was missing were bunny ears!

  14. Rebecca says:

    Pretty sure that is the cutest party for a bunny I’ve ever seen! Great ideas for little ones 🙂

    I love sending out invites, even if it is just for a small gathering of friends. Then, I use the same theme from the invites and create a menu. I think it adds something extra special 🙂

  15. Cheryl Stoy says:

    Too cute! Our bunny was always to cranky to do anything this cute with. My favorite parties are my garden patio parties. I create invites which include menus and for decoration we do luminaries to light the front walkway. At back we light everything with Firefly Lantern Jars and Tiki Torches. We light a path through our garden with more luminaries and use regular lanterns on the outdoor tables. On the tables I do flower and fruit arrangements using items from our garden and fruit from our fruit trees with dried floras mixed in and we use smaller lanterns as place cards for seating.

    I usually try to theme a separate table area just for kids..my first party of the season coming up I’m using Marvel’s Avengers and Hunger Games for the kids and teens tables.

  16. My favorite way to make a party more festive is a fire BUT we don’t have a fire pit so that’s reserved for winter parties. Food, friends and family make it more festive too 🙂 This party is so cute!

  17. Valerie M. says:

    What a cute party! Fun food is always my favorite way to show the theme.

  18. sereen says:

    i’m all about the food and making sure there is something to suit everyones taste buds.

  19. Heather Spooner says:

    I like to have themed parties to be festive. Recently I threw a Hawaiian themed party. It helps me to organize the menu and decorations when I have a theme. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    heatherspooner1981 at gmail dot com

  20. We entertain often so I always try to incorporate a theme around the food I am serving. I usually have an area that I display all the food on the buffet and there I embellish it with the theme. Sometimes I just go simple with candles in between, other times I go all out and have more props incorporated.

  21. favorite way to make a party or get-together at your home more festive? = decorate with lots of pink!

  22. Lindsay says:

    My favorite way to make a party extra festive is to set up a “do it yourself bar”. Whether it’s making your own pizza, your own ice cream sundae, or even baked potato, bars are a great way to let guests make exactly what they want and have fun doing it at the same time!

  23. Joanne says:

    Aww what a cute idea for a party! And a great excuse to eat carrot cake!

  24. Terri says:

    The way I try to make a get-together more festive is by having lots of fun things for the kids to do and eat.

  25. This is such an adorable party! Love all the details! What I do to make my parties and get togethers more festive is play music and place fresh flowers (usually nothing too expensive) as my table centerpieces.

  26. So cute! You sure know how to throw a party! So did my invitation got lost in the mail or something? 🙂

  27. Jenny says:

    I like to have fun music 🙂

  28. What a fun idea – love the bunny! I like to have a theme when I throw a party – I find it makes it easy for guests to engage and participate.

  29. Jessen says:

    Outside is Best, with games like volley ball, BBQ’in, even ping pong (which for some reason, guys are obsessed with and get an ego boost when they win . . . Weird)
    If it’s inside, Games – Card Games, Board Games, and a Taco/Buritto, Pizza or Burger Bar with all the fixin’s. More relaxed food, makes for happy and relaxed people! And if you entertain Vegans and/or Vegetatians, you can have options for them very easily with having a make your own ” ” bar.

  30. Megan says:

    I think small parties are the most fun, so I like to keep the guest list small and keep everyone involved. It’s fun to have a themed pot-luck and let everyone bring a treat to show off. Plus, then you end up with plenty of REALLY good food. 🙂

  31. Jenny G says:

    We have 5 kids and outdoor parties are the best. Everyone has fun. We love the Simply juices and am excited to hear about the cranberry. I love your idea of dipping the peeps.

  32. page says:

    I think good music and the right lighting–not the bright overhead lights blazing in every room–do the trick.

  33. kari says:

    To make any gathering more festive I like to include guests in small prep of noshes and things. Just having someone open and plate olives or a dip engages them in the whole happy atmosphere of them being there.

  34. Holly says:

    I like having food that requires a tabletop grill, like yakiniku, or a hot pot, like shabu shabu. It’s more fun when a small group can eat together instead of everyone pairing off and sitting all over the place.

  35. Deirdre says:

    Such a cute idea! We don’t have bunnies, but I do have three girls! 🙂 When I throw a party (which I love to do!), I like to have themed food, lots of decorations and music. Recently we had a tea party with finger sandwiches, scones and petit fores, and we used real teapots and tea cups, etc. Lots of fun!

  36. Andrea D. says:

    I love making up or a good recipe for punch. I also like making a yummy dessert to round out a fun party. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  37. Dianna Belle says:

    Too Cute!! Now I need to find fun things with Monkeys! My 3 yr old grand-daughter is flying in from OK and her birthday is the next day.. so, you know me,,gotta plan a party!! She likes Monkeys, “but what else do you like? “monkeys”. what about your party? “monkeys!”. okay.. Internet here I come…. MONKEYS
    Oh and finding fun way to incorporate the theme in as many things as I can from food to decor and take home thank you bags/gifts

  38. Vy says:

    What a cute idea – my daughter was looking at this post with me and wants to throw a party for her stuffed bunny, Bunbun! We’ll definitely have to try some of these ideas 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway.

  39. Cindy Marlar says:

    My girls have always enjoyed mani/pedi parties. We will have a spa day and then a relaxing lunch. Followed by an afternoon of movies on their sleeping bags with popcorn. thanks so much for the bunny ideas! I will use them for a future event! Thanks so much!

  40. Corisa says:

    I loved the theme for the party ! So spring like! Perfect giveaway!

  41. Kim says:

    My favorite way to make a party festive is plates and table toppers that go with the theme!

  42. Leann Lindeman says:

    Whatever the theme may be I like to decorate with a mix of homemade and boughten decorations!

  43. grace says:

    i’m not much for decorations, but i always try to make sure the food reflects the theme, whether it’s through design or on a more intellectual basis. 🙂

  44. Christina Cannon says:

    I make tons of different foods that have to do with the theme and then put out a few decorations that have to do with the theme on the serving table.

  45. Jessica Mumford says:

    Enter me in! My favorite way to add to festivity is with music related to the theme of the party! So simple.

  46. Emily says:

    My favorite thing to make a party more festive is to either “require” guest dress in costume, or make the food the same colors/style as the theme!

    And here is my tweet 🙂 https://twitter.com/#!/ecait21/status/201130785804259328

  47. Kristy says:

    This is such a cute idea! I love all the food you guys came up with too – so clever. I’m sure it was a blast!

  48. Chels R. says:

    How cute is this! Grace has a bunny that we got her last year for her b-day. She would really get a kick out of this! I love Simply Blank products. I will only buy their orange juice, no matter the cost, lol!

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