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  1. I totally know what you mean by doing things one-handed all the time with a baby. It’s definitely a talent you learn quickly. 🙂 These tarts look good even if they maybe didn’t taste as good as you were hoping.

  2. bummer…they look really pretty though….I hate when recipes don’t turn out yummy, it is such a disappointment

  3. bummer…they look really pretty though….I hate when recipes don’t turn out yummy, it is such a disappointment

  4. They look delicious. But oh how I hate when you are so excited about something you’ve made and you have your mouth all set for something so delicious it is going to rock your world and then you put that morsel on your tongue and you’re expecting the earth to shake and that first taste registers in your brain and you’re like…oh, this is so not what I was expecting. Yeah, never had that happen to me. I’ve just “heard” about it. Yeah, right. Okay! Okay! I lied. This has happened to me more times than I really want to talk about:-(
    But they do look really pretty;-)

  5. I’m sorry the tarts didn’t work out :(. They look so lovely though! I hope Spring weather visits you all soon, oh gosh I don’t miss the snow :D!

  6. I always put off the grocery store, too! Sorry that the tarts didn’t turn out so well; what a bummer! Next week will surely bring a great recipe!

  7. Oh dear–I do know that feeling when things don’t turn out as you expect. Just a week ago it happened to me twice in a row, and I felt so discouraged.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you for next week’s recipe! It sounds like you’re doing an amazing juggling job!

    K x

  8. They look amazing, I”m surprised they weren’t great. But, I love anything butterscotch. I don’t see how you manage to keep up with blogging with a baby. I definitely am not that good!

  9. I’m sorry you didn’t like this. I have this recipe bookmarked in the book to make. I wonder why you didn’t care for it? It sounds like a winning combo.

  10. Thanks for the laugh! Although I don't have a baby around, I have a teen & almost teen…life can get pretty crazy. And we all have "misses"'s hoping next week's is better.

  11. I hate that! Getting disappointed with something you expect to be good is such a bummer. And I totally know how you feel about going out in yucky weather, I didn’t go to the store either!

  12. Sorry you went to all that trouble and they were not very good. Since having two kids in two years, I have found that I have stuck to making more recipes that I know we like – the energy it takes to get stuff done now with them around is too valuable to waste on unknown new recipes. You are brave!

  13. Oh shoot… I was hoping you liked them too. I absolutely adore butterscotch and that Baked cookbook seems to be turning out so many good recipes. Maybe you’ll have better luck w/ the next one.

  14. Those look so good! I always forget how much I love butterscotch when I am picking out a dessert until I see a picture of something yummy!

  15. that’s weird- butterscotch pudding is usually so delicious. and this recipe looks pretty standard. maybe it just didn’t seem as spectacular because you had such little free time to enjoy them?

  16. These tarts would be a great addition to my brunch potluck tomorrow which is tart themed… I’m doing both sweet and savoury tarts and these look great!

  17. Thanks for reviewing this cookbook! I love to back and have had it on my wish list for sometime but never decided to buy. Maybe I’ll win instead!

  18. That’s a bummer that you guys didn’t like them. They do look good!

    I’ve done that put off going to the grocery store until the kids were like Um, Mom, there’s no food in the fridge. Of course then its an even bigger chore than if I had gone when I first needed to.

  19. Those look very yummy. I love butterscotch. I may have to experiment to come up with a great taste without the whiskey.

  20. I hate it when recipes don’t turn out right. I’m grateful that you share the bad recipes as well as the good. Thanks!

  21. Oh I love this variation. I think this might have worked a lot better for me.

    I love how yours turned out! I think I would have liked that better too!

  22. I made these two years ago for Thanksgiving and I loved them! I was too lazy to make the crust though so I used store bought crusts.

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