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A perfect dessert, these Apple Crumb Bars have sweet caramelized apples layered on top of a cookie crust and then sprinkled with a buttery streusel.

Apple Crumb BarsUpdated September 2014

Originally posted May 5, 2009 – As much as I love pumpkin season, right now I am taking advantage of the fresh crops of fall apples – one of my other favorite fall flavors! These Apple Crumb Bars are the perfect treat to share with friends or family. Sweet and full of apple flavor, you won’t be able to keep your hands out of them. I know this, because I had to give them away because I couldn’t stay away from them!!

There is one thing that I can’t resist – a good crumb topping. And pairing a crumb topping with apples is like a match made in heaven for me. In fact, I’ve blogged about my favorite apple pie that has a crumb topping. I love Thanksgiving just so I can make that pie!!
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In a rush? These grilled burritos filled with chicken and broccoli are done in a flash and are family friendly!

Chicken and Broccoli Grilled Burritos

Let’s talk veggies today, shall we?? I know it’s not that fun of a subject for a Saturday, but according to a recent study*, one-third of the parents surveyed admitted to forgetting about or just leaving out vegetables from a meal because they were too crunched for time. And as a parent myself, I can totally see this, as I have been in the same situation more than once.

Dinnertime can be hard. Between homework and after school activities and just – well, life, sometimes just getting dinner on the table is a feat. And I’ve totally been there before where we sit down to eat, and I look around and realize there is not one single vegetable on the table.

I think one of the biggest struggles is actually getting all three of my kids to actually eat the vegetables when they are on their plate. So in an effort to make sure we are eating our veggies, I’ve started adding more vegetables into my meals instead of just relying on them as a side dish.

I’ve already brought you two great recipes that get remade by adding vegetables into the recipe – my Tuscan Broccoli Stovetop Mac and Cheese and Skillet Pasta with Sausage – and I’m here with one last recipe today!
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All of the wonderful spices of chai tea are showcased in these Chai Spiced Cupcakes that are simple yet packed with flavor.

Chai Spiced Cupcakes

So, I’m not a tea drinker. When I was overdue with my last baby, I had read that raspberry leaf tea helped to induce labor, and I tried. But no. I have never been able to do it. I like the idea of sitting down at night with a warm mug of herbal tea, but well, it’s just not for me.

I know that chai tea has become really popular in the last few years. But because of my non-tea ways, it has been one of those trends that I’ve just skipped over.

But then, as I was reading through a cookbook one night, I came across this recipe. And while I would have normally skipped over it, for some reason, I read through that recipe.

Wait – a recipe for chai spiced cupcakes, but there isn’t actually any tea in them?? I was definitely intrigued.
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Breakfast meets dinner in this pizza that is topped with creamed spinach and a perfectly cooked baked egg.

Creamed Spinach and Egg Pizza

I’ve become a hashtagger.

You know, one of those people that Jimmy Fallon makes fun of.


Yep. That’s me.

Ok, so to give myself the benefit of the doubt, I don’t actually speak that way. I actually speak in full sentences, and I definitely don’t use my hands that much. ;)

But being fully immersed in social media, the hashtag has stuck. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes I use them to connect. But usually, it seems like a hashtag just speaks more volume than just the words.

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Cheeseburger meets Tex-Mex meets taco night in these taco spiced cheeseburgers that are served taco style.

Tex-Mex Cheeseburger Tacos

When I first started blogging, I didn’t have any kids. And now I have 3. So my kids have grown up only knowing their mom as a blogger. They know that mom is always taking pictures of the food before we eat, and that they will rarely get the same dinner twice.

But one thing I am loving is that my kids are growing up seeing my passion – my love of cooking. When I first had Abbi, I could imagine cooking with her and teaching her and sharing that love of cooking with her. And now that she is getting older, I’m so happy that she shows so much interest in being in the kitchen with me.
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Fresh basil and pimientos make up the basil cream sauce that is served over crispy chicken. This Chicken with Basil Cream Sauce is a great end of summer supper!

Chicken with Basil Cream Sauce

So, we have a snail problem. It’s crazy. They are all over the place here where we live. For the most part, they stay in the dirt, but sometimes they will venture out over the driveway or onto the patio. I know that they aren’t good for plants (I guess it’s one time when it’s good that we don’t have a garden), and they have wreaked havoc on a few of our plants and a spot in the grass.

The kids like to play with them sometimes, but they gross me out, so I stay away. No thank you.

Although I don’t have a garden, I do have a few herbs in pots in the backyard. I had this Chicken with Basil Cream Sauce on the menu, so I went and cut off some from my plant. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the basil because I had a child in one arm and was trying to gather basil with the other hand. I took the basil inside, set it in the kitchen sink, and went back to cooking.
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