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Moist almond cupcakes made from scratch are topped with a light and fluffy cherry buttercream, made from fresh cherries.

Almond Cupcakes with Fresh Cherry Frosting

I’m not a live-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl. I like a schedule, and for the most part, I like predictability. Boring, right? Sometimes I wish I was more carefree, but I’m not one of those people that wake up in the morning saying “what am I going to do today?” I already know. Sometimes – or most of the time – the day doesn’t go exactly as planned, but there is almost always a plan.

As a blogger, I have a schedule, and I stick to it. I like to keep things organized, and I have an editorial calendar that I refer to often. At any given time, I probably have at the very least 2 weeks worth of recipes that are already made and photographed, just waiting to get posted.
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These simple shrimp kabobs are filled with lemon flavor. They only take minutes to make, and are perfect for summer grilling!

Lemon Shrimp Kabobs

Is it just me, or is the summer flying by? I can hardly believe it when I look at the calendar and it’s already the 14th of July. (Which happens to be my hubby’s birthday – Happy Birthday, love, even though I’m sure you aren’t reading this!) But the middle of July to me pretty much means that the summer is halfway through, and before we know it, people are going to start talking about back to school. I’m totally aware that the store’s shelves are already crammed full of school supplies, but forgive me if I still want to celebrate summer. :)
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An easy recipe for homemade caramel popcorn – made from a simple brown sugar caramel, and then baked until perfectly crispy.

Baked Caramel Popcorn

Photos Updated July 2014

Originally published October 17, 2008 – When it comes to snack time, what could be better than homemade caramel popcorn? I needed a snack to take with us to watch fireworks on July 4th, and I made up a batch of this caramel popcorn – but managed to totally mess it up. (It happens to the best of us!!) Thank goodness it doesn’t take much, because I just had to make up a batch a couple days later to redeem myself. This was such a hit at my house that a half batch didn’t even last 24 hours. My husband thinks that it tastes like Cracker Jacks, and my boys couldn’t keep their hands out of it!!

When I was younger, every so often, we would have what we called “pig-outs.” It was usually when my dad and my brother would be gone on camp-outs, but us girls and our mom would get lots of candy and junk food, and get to sit in front of the tv, pigging out and watching movies. This was a real treat for us, as we didn’t get to have a lot of junk food normally.
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The kids will love this pizza casserole that is comforting and delicious!

Pizza Casserole

As a food blogger, you’d assume that I’m always on top of everything food – the latest trends, what people want, what is the rage on Pinterest. But the truth of the matter is that even though I’m immersed in all things food for hours every day, I still have no clue most of the time.

I came across a recipe for this pizza casserole, and thought to myself – hey, this sounds good. I bet the kids will love it! Little did I know that a Puffed Up Pizza Casserole has been done about a million times. It’s one of those recipes that people talk about eating as a child years and years ago. And here I had never even heard of it.
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A great side dish for a Chinese meal, this Easy Lo Mein recipe is simple and fast.

Easy Lo Mein Recipe

I know I’m not the only one, because I’ve heard many of you complain about the same thing – what to serve with your dinner.

I’ve usually got the main dish covered. Whether it’s tacos or burgers or sandwiches or a comforting, cheesy casserole. But then my mind goes blank when I try to think of what to serve on the side. I usually end up defaulting to some frozen vegetables.

I’ve especially been having a hard time lately when we are eating anything Chinese or Asian. Normally, I’d just cook up a batch of rice, buy my husband isn’t the biggest fan of rice. (Unless it’s rice pudding. Then all bets are off!)

So recently, I went on the search for a great easy lo mein recipe. My husband loves lo mein, and usually wants that more than any main dish when we get Chinese food. I tried several recipes, but nothing was very exciting to me. But then I came across this recipe. It’s so easy, and has the perfect amount of flavor – I knew I had found a recipe that I could stick with.
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One of the easiest desserts ever, no one will even know that the secret ingredient in these Coconut Macaroon Bars is refrigerated crescent dough.

Coconut Macaroon Bars

Sometimes, you need a dessert recipe so easy that you can make it off the top of your head. These Coconut Macaroon Bars are just that.

For the past 4 or 5 years, my family has had a tradition of going to a nearby town to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July. We go a few hours early and the kids play and the adults get to sit around and chat until the sun goes down and the show starts. One of the best parts about the fireworks show that we go to is that we are so close to where they launch the fireworks. So close, in fact, that you get hit with bits of cardboard and ash from the fireworks the whole time. I know – crazy. But you will never forget a fireworks show that is basically going off right over your head. It’s pretty amazing.
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