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Is it just me or does springtime mean babies galore??? Three of my blogger friends had babies in the last few weeks! Must be something in the water I think…. ;) I couldn’t be more excited to wish a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Alyssa (The Recipe Critic), Nikki (Chef in Training) and Elyse (Six Sisters Stuff)!

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To celebrate with these beautiful gals, a whole bunch of amazing bloggers and myself have put together a really fun GIVEAWAY!! Attention moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, future parents, and friends of people with babies: you will want to enter this giveaway! Check out all of these terrific prizes! I swoon for those Freshly Picked Moccs! Platinum?? Possibly the perfect color – they’ll go with everything!

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Pork roast is marinated overnight in an Asian-inspired sauce, then cooked low and slow until it is fall-apart tender.

Slow Cooker Sesame Pork on Taste and Tell

Things have been crazy around here. I took on a huge project a few months ago, and the due date is this weekend, so I’ve pretty much been working nonstop, into the late hours of the night.

At the beginning of last week, I apologized to my husband and said that we might be eating out a lot more than normal until the project was done. Dinner was not on the top of my priority list.

But surprisingly, I have ended up cooking dinner almost every night. We’ve been taking a night each week to go to a food truck, but besides that, I have found the time to make dinner.
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French bread is stuffed with artichoke hearts, turkey and vegetables and then slathered with an easy basil sauce in this easy Turkey, Artichoke and Basil Sub that’s perfect for a picnic or for dinner.

Turkey Artichoke and Basil Subs on Taste and Tell

Me and basil – we have a love/hate relationship. Well, not when it comes to eating it. There is only love there. But when it comes to growing it.

I’ve had a garden before. And a big, beautiful basil plant that I could never keep up with. But then I moved, and since then, I’ve only tried growing it in pots. I just cannot get my basil to flourish in a pot. It grows tall and skinny, but the leaves are sparse.

Well, recently, I bought one of those basil plants that they sell in the produce department. I needed some basil for a recipe, and the plant was significantly cheaper than buying one of those itty bitty packages. I took my basil plant home and put it on my counter.
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Everyone wants to getaway.  The kids are out of school, temperatures are soaring and nothing could be better than escaping to a fun destination. 
What is on your summer itinerary?  Are you heading to Disneyland, taking a family camping trip, or jetting off to Bora Bora? How about a staycation at a fabulous local resort?  

Where ever you would like to go, this fabulous prize will help get you there! 
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3 simple ingredients make this easy summer treat full of chocolate and coconut flavor!

Chocolate Ice on Taste and Tell

My 3 year old is a chocoholic. Big time chocoholic. Given the chance, I think he’d want chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (And no – I don’t give him his way. :) ) Just a few weeks ago, I was watching him play, and I asked him – “How did you grow up so big? Did you eat all of your vegetables?” And he answered me – “No – I ate some chocolate stuff!”

So life according to a 3-year old – it’s all about the chocolate!!

And since the temperatures are inching up every week, it’s time to start talking about treats to cool us down. Combine a cool down treat with my son’s love of chocolate and you get Chocolate Coconut Ice!!

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Mac and cheese with 3 cheeses – all made on the stovetop for a comforting, kid-friendly meal.

Stovetop Sausage Mac and Cheese on Taste and Tell

Photos and Recipe updated June 2014

Originally posted May 18, 2007 – My kids are mac and cheese addicts, so when I remembered this recipe from the archives, I thought it would be a good one to make for them (and rephotograph at the same time!) I won’t lie – I was afraid they were going to turn their heads because of the sausage, but they all surprised me and loved it!! This is a great easy dinner or lunch idea that got 5 stars from my family!! (*Note – I did change the recipe just a bit from how I made it when I first posted this recipe. I’m sure you’ll love the changes!!)
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