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When is the last time you went through your spice cabinet?  It may be time to check and see which ones are still good and which ones need to be thrown out.  For a few hints on how to tell, go over to the Cafe Zupas blog today!

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6 Responses to Keeping Spices Fresh

  1. Merut says:

    Not only may I have spices-gone-bad, my spice cabinet is small and full, so they all fall on me when I open it.

  2. Monet says:

    We are huge spice fans, so we try to keep our spices as fresh as possible. When we moved to Colorado we did an inventory, so we are in good shape now. Your article is so helpful though…I know a few people (ahem, my sisters) who might benefit from some spice knowledge.

  3. delishliving.com says:

    Oh dear, this is something I definitely am scared to do!!! I had to laugh at Merut's comment – my spice cabinet is similar, and yet I keep on buying more!!!

  4. Debbi Does Dinner Healthy says:

    I KNOW that I have some that need to be replaced! I keep meaning to have my bay leaves replaced, I don't use them too often but I have had mine for YEARS. I'm sure way too long. A lot of others need to go! Thanks for the reminders!

  5. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    Thanks for the link!

    Cheers and happy Monday,


  6. Frieda says:

    What a timely post! The only way to keep up on your spices is to be able to organize them in such a way that they are easy to get to….I had to laugh when Merut said that spices fall out of the cupboard when opened!

    Here's my method. Hope it's useful for someone else:


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