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How to Create an Interest List on Facebook

Did you know that just because you “like” a page on Facebook, that doesn’t mean you are actually going to see updates from them??

I kind of get it. I mean, I like over 400 pages. That, along with hundreds of friends – I can totally see how it would be basically impossible to follow your feed if everything was showing. But at the same time, it’s totally frustrating that I have no control over what is shown in my feed. I know some people say that if you go click “get notifications” on the specific pages, you are supposed to get those updates in your feed, but I’ve found that that still isn’t always the case.

But a few months ago, I was introduced to the wonderful world of Interest Lists.

I’m sure I’m the last one to the party, but these lists have totally saved my sanity. And believe it or not, they have helped me to streamline my time on Facebook, which means not as much time wasted.

So what exactly is an interest list? Interest lists are a way to organize your content on Facebook. And when you are viewing one of these lists, you are seeing all of the updates from those pages on the list! Hallelujah!

You can do this however works best for you, but I have several different lists for different categories. Foodies, DIY, businesses/product pages that I love. You can even make an interest list for just the friends that you want to follow closely. You can also share your interest lists with your friends or you can make them public for anyone to follow!

It’s actually quite simple to set up a list, and I’m here today to show you how!


How to Create an Interest List on Facebook

First – on your home feed, look on the left hand column. Down towards the bottom, you will see where it lists “INTERESTS”. At the bottom, click “Add Interests.”

How to Create an Interest List on Facebook

At the top of the next page, there is a button on the top that says “Add Interests”. Click that button.

How to Create an Interest List on Facebook

To create a new list, click “Create List”. And as a side note, you can also search here for other public lists that you can follow. It’s a great way to discover lots of fun things!!

How to Create an Interest List on Facebook

For this list, I’m creating a new list from the pages that I currently like. So I’ll make sure that I have “Pages” highlighted on the left, and then I can go through all of the pages that I like and click on all of the pages that I want on my list. (and can you tell I follow lots of food pages?? 🙂 ) When you are done, click “next” at the bottom.

How to Create an Interest List on Facebook

Now you can name your list. Then you will set the permissions on your list. If you don’t care who sees your list, or if you want to share the list with lots of people, click “Public”. If you just want to share with people who are friends with you, click “friends”. If you want to keep it to yourself, and if you are the only one that will be using it, click “only me”. Click “DONE”, and that’s it!! Now your list will show up in the left hand column of your feed page. I don’t have a screen shot of this, but if you hover over the title, a little pencil will come up, and you can click on that and choose “Add to Favorites” to have your list show up at the top of the left hand column instead of at the bottom.

Remember, though – once you’ve made the list, you have to actually go in and click on each list to get all of the updates.

So now that you have your lists, what if you want to share them with your friends? It’s easy, too!! There are 2 ways to do this.

How to Share an Interest List on Facebook

The first way – when you are viewing your list, on the upper right hand corner, you will see “Share” – click that.

How to Create an Interest List on Facebook

It will give you several different options on how to share the list. Choose which way you’d like to share, write a message if you’d like to, and click “share”.

How to Create an Interest List on Facebook

The second way is easier, in my opinion. When you are viewing the list, copy the URL, and send that to the people you want to share the list with. When they enter that URL into their browser, there will be a button in the top right corner where they can subscribe to the list. Click “follow” and that will add the list to your Interest Lists!

This has all seriously been a lifesaver for me, and I hope that if you haven’t heard of Interest Lists, this might help you to understand and implement them for yourself!

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14 Responses to How To Create an Interest List on Facebook

  1. Chels R. says:

    LOL, I did this with all of my foodies I follow ( like you) but with every other page I liked, I just ignored it and forgot about it, till now.) I guess you can see where my allegiance lies…all things food!

  2. Laura says:

    That’s helpful! 🙂 I see this in my afternoon plans

  3. roberta says:

    hmmmmmm………..I don’t have an “Interests” section below my “Apps” section – “Apps” is the last item. Any idea how to get it visible?

  4. roberta says:

    There IS one more section below “Apps” – it’s called “Pages”. Nothing else.

  5. Kim B says:

    My type A side LOVED this! I had seen the interest tab, just wasn’t too sure what it was all about. Thank you for sharing, so glad I’m more organized 🙂

  6. This has always been frustrating to me. On my personal profile I can do this, but on my Food Blog “page” there isn’t an option for this. Am I totally missing it?

  7. Caroline says:

    I love this post so much! It is so frustrating to have so much clutter on my newsfeed that I don’t really want to see. I never knew we had some control over that! Thanks so much! I’m going to share this with my readers today!

  8. roberta says:

    No, nothing else after “Pages”. Weird, huh.

  9. Thank you so much for this fabulous and easy to understand tutorial! I’ve been sharing it on my page and I’m really grateful for it!

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