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Yes – the holiday season is in full swing – which for many means gaining 7-10 pounds. Check out my post at Cafe Zupas today for some hints on how to avoid the holiday weight gain!

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3 Responses to Holiday Weight

  1. Valerie says:

    EEEKK! 7-10 pounds. That's a lot. I sure hope I don't gain that much. I'll have to go check out your post.

  2. TheKeilShpeel says:

    That was great thanks. I've also joined with a few girls in the ward to do a No Sugar Club. We only have one free day a week and it's been great. I've actually lost weight so far even over Thanksgiving.. Of course Thanksgiving was a free day as well so we had two that week but it's been great. We don't realize how much sugar we consume on a regular basis.. it's crazy.
    I agree on getting the temptations out of the house. I've called people just to take stuff away so I don't eat it b/c I would eat all those cookies or cake or brownies all by myself.

  3. Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer says:

    Holiday Mantra:
    Food never tastes as good as thin feels!!

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