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Gas Grill Giveaway

Gas Grill Giveaway

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6 Responses to Gas Grill Giveaway

  1. Tricia says:

    My husband & I are empty nesters & retired. We would love to have this Gas Grill to help prepare our meals.

  2. Kim says:

    This would be wonderful for me & my friends, I’ve always wanted one, but never could afford

  3. lisa says:

    wow, that’s a big one!

  4. We’d love to get our grill on!

  5. Sophia says:

    We bought our first home almost a year ago, but we also found out we were having a baby just as we were in the process of closing, so all our “extra” money went to the baby and bills. It would be wonderful to have a nice grill to cook meals for family and friends during the summer months and keep out of the hot kitchen!

  6. debbie says:

    what a win this would be!

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