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We are a carb loving family.  Seriously – I’ve turned into one of those moms that buys 3 loaves of bread a week at the grocery store.  And that just gets us through breakfasts and lunches.  (I don’t know what I’m going to do when I have 2 teenage boys.  I guess I should start saving up now!!)  And as much as I struggle with coming up with ideas for side dishes, I know I can always turn to bread.

So of course, when I was asked to come up with a recipe using Land O Lakes new Butter with Olive Oil and Sea Salt, my mind immediately went to bread.  And what is there that is better than jazzing up your bread with some cheese, garlic and butter?

I am totally in love with this new butter from Land O Lakes.  And it worked completely perfect in this recipe.  The hint of olive oil and sea salt went perfectly with the cheese and the garlic.  This bread is truly a treat!

And guess what?  It’s super simple to make.  Here’s how you do it!

All you need is a loaf of French bread, Land O Lakes Butter with Olive Oil and Sea Salt, garlic, oregano and shredded mozzarella cheese.

In a bowl, combine the butter, minced garlic and oregano.  Season with salt and pepper.

Mix it all together!

Add in the cheese, and combine it all completely.

Cut the loaf of bread in half horizontally, and slather the cheese and butter mixture on.

Top it with the other half of the bread.

And wrap the whole thing in foil.  Pop it into the oven and let it warm through while you finish the rest of your dinner.  When it’s completely warmed through, the cheese will be nice and melty and you won’t be able to stay away!!


Cheesy Garlic Bread
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Garlic, cheese, and Land O Lakes Butter with Olive Oil and Sea Salt turn this bread into anything but boring!
Serves: 8 servings
  1. Heat oven to 400°F.
  2. In a bowl, combine the butter, garlic, oregano and pepper. Mix together until thoroughly combined. Stir in the shredded cheese.
  3. Cut the French bread in half lengthwise. Spread the butter mixture on the bottom half of the bread. Top with the top half. Wrap the loaf tightly in foil and place in the oven.
  4. Bake for 20 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and the bread is warmed through. Slice bread and serve.

Disclosure: I received payment from LAND O LAKES® Butter with Olive Oil & Sea Salt, for recipe development and review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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Land O’Lakes Twitter:  @LandOLakesKtchn
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50 Responses to Cheesy Garlic Bread

  1. Katrina says:

    This looks so, so, delicious. I’m in total love!

  2. This post is making me drool…. This looks SO yummy! I’m pretty sure I need a cheesy garlic bread loaf in my life like ASAP 🙂

  3. Oooh – garlic bread is a total weakness of mine. This looks SO good!!

  4. Stephanie says:

    I have a feeling that I’ll be adding this as a staple side dish really soon in the future.. Thanks!

  5. Jessica says:

    This looks amazing! Time for a trip to the store for ingredients! Thank you

  6. carrian says:

    Oh goodness, that looks all too delicious, and I happen to be craving cheesy things lately. I think I’m a cheese girl when I’m stressed. Weird, but true.

  7. Cassie says:

    I must try this butter. I’m a carb lover too, any kind of carbs will do. This bread looks incredible Deborah!

  8. You can’t go wrong with cheesy garlic bread! I would definitely eat this entire loaf myself. #noshame

  9. Glorious amazing garlic, cheese and bread … heaven!

  10. We are a carb loving family too. This is perfect!

  11. Yes please to cheesy, garlicky goodness!

  12. Oh man, I could eat this whole loaf to myself. Carbs and me are besties. So yummy, Deb!!

  13. Chels R. says:

    This looks like heaven to me!!!

  14. This looks incredible! I could eat that entire loaf myself. I can’t wait to get my hands on this butter.

  15. Joanne says:

    I love that that butter comes in stick form! Way cool. Can’t wait to try it and this bread!

    • Deborah says:

      @Joanne, and another cool thing about that butter is that the sticks are half sticks – only 1/4 cup each instead of 1/2 cup each like normal sticks. I love it!

  16. Cheesy, buttery, garlicky, bread. How can you NOT like this?

  17. I am SUCH a carbaholic! Add cheese and garlic to some good bread and I’ll go to town! Yum! 😀

  18. Kristy says:

    Oh I am a carb lover as well. I seriously can’t get enough. This looks out of this world good to me. I could easily just make a meal of the bread and nothing else for the evening. 🙂

  19. I try to avoid Carbs too… but this looks good enough to break the rules!

  20. Carbs is my ULTIMATE weakness so you could imagine what this is doing to me as I’m drooling at midnight!

  21. I think cheesy garlic bread should be its own food group

  22. Amanda says:

    Sounds so good Deborah! I am thinking of making some frozen garlic bread to keep in the freezer so I have something to pop in the oven. Love the cheese on this too, especially being from WI! 🙂 It was so fabulous meeting you and rooming with you this past weekend at Evo. You are truly a fabulous person and I loved hanging out!

  23. Oh yea, cheesey goodness. I have a recipe I’ve been thinking its time to trot out with cheese, artichoke hearts, the works. This is an inspiration. But first I must starve myself before I go all fatty on myself. XO

  24. Kim Bee says:

    I love this way too much. It’s perfection.

  25. You had me at “cheesy” but the bread is what stole my heart completely. Seriously need to make this with some pasta this week Deb.

    Hope you are feeling good.

  26. Jessica says:

    This looks amazing! It looks exactly like some garlic bread I got at a pizza place once and have never stopped thinking about since! I just had one question…since you are only covering one of the loaf halves with the cheesy buttery mixture, does the other half come out plain when it’s all done?

    • Deborah says:

      @Jessica, I ate it (and served it) kind of sandwich style. So the cheese was in the middle of the bread. The photo is shown with the top off of the one slice so you can see the cheese, but I ate it with the top on. I hope that makes sense!!

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