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Big Top Candy Shop in Austin TX

As a mom, it’s always hard to travel and spend time away from my family. (Ok – I’m not gonna lie – It’s kind of awesome to sleep a full night in bed by myself, but I digress…) But when I do have to spend time away from my kids, I always try to bring them home something fun to let them know that I was thinking about them the whole time.

Before I left for Austin, my 3-year old son told me that he wanted me to bring him a gummy car. He is obsessed with cars, so the sound of this didn’t seem that far fetched – I just didn’t know where he got this idea into his head. Every time I talked to him on the phone while I was gone, he brought up this “gummy car” that he wanted me to bring him.

I was imagining a gummy candy that was shaped as a car. And I was determined to find it. So I started checking online, looking for a candy shop where I might be able to find a gummy car.

This is how I came across the Big Top Candy Shop in Austin.

Set on South Congress, this store is so. much. fun. Retro candy, as well as all kinds of new candy, a soda counter, and shelves full of chocolates and truffles. They serve up milkshakes and floats and egg creams and shaved ice. The line was too long, so we didn’t get to test out anything from the soda counter, but they all looked amazing, and from the length of the lines, I’m guessing everything tasted as good as it looked.

I love salt water taffy (even though it always gives me a tummy ache) and I was enamored by the selection of salt water taffy flavors. I filled a bag for myself for the flight home, which of course didn’t last until the flight. 🙂 And Big Top Candy Shop has a great selection of European candy as well.

I could have easily spent a lot of money here. And we did buy way too much candy for the kids. But they loved it!!

And just so I don’t leave you hanging, although they did have a large selection of gummy candy, there were no gummy cars. But after I got home, I found out that it wasn’t actually gummy candy that was shaped as a car that he wanted, but a small toy car that was filled with gum and candy that he had seen at a party store we had visited a week before. But at least he got a bag full of candy!

Big Top Candy Shop
1706 South Congress
Austin, Texas

Candy from Big Top Candy Shop in Austin

Fun Candy Shop - Big Top Candy Shop - Austin Texas

Retro Candy from Big Top Candy Shop in Austin TX

A must see in Austin TX - Big Top Candy Shop

Candy Store in Austin Texas - Big Top Candy Shop

What to do in Austin Texas - Big Top Candy Shop

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2 Responses to Big Top Candy Shop – Austin, TX

  1. Amy sethman says:

    I am looking for a shop that sells Whistle Pops….after watching chitty Chitty bang bang with my son the search was on and we have had no luck….I would love to know if this store might have them?

    • Deborah says:

      I have no idea if they do, but you could always contact them and I’m sure they’d let you know if it’s something they carry or can get!

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