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So – we obviously ate a lot in Austin. I’ve already posted about more than 8 places, so today, I thought I’d roll everything else into one. Seriously – there are so many places to eat in Austin – I don’t think you could even make it through all of them if you live there and ate out every day!!

1886 Bakery and Cafe in Austin Texas


Up first- 1886 Bakery and Cafe. I was craving something sweet, so I looked online for something close to our hotel. The 1886 Bakery and Cafe was our closet choice. This bakery is located in the Driskill Hotel. We actually were a bit confused when we went to find the bakery – mostly because it was under construction, so they just had tables set up in the space outside the dining room. It wasn’t your typical bakery – The Driskill is an upscale hotel and it was sit down service to get dessert. But it was totally worth having to sit down and wait. Our server recommended the the 1886 Chocolate Cake and the Homestyle Banana Pudding, so that’s what we went with. Both desserts were devoured. My husband even almost ordered a second chocolate cake but refrained. They were both desserts that I’d totally order again!

1886 Bakery and Cafe
Located in the Driskill Hotel
116 6th Street
Austin, TX

Lick Ice Cream - Austin Texas

There were quite a few ice cream places on my list to try, but I only made it to 2. Amy’s Ice Creams (which I already posted about), and Lick.

At Lick, they only use whole, pure ingredients. They have some flavors that are regulars, and they also offer seasonal flavors. Of course, I had a hard time deciding what flavor to order, so it’s a good thing that the small comes with 2 scoops. So I went with the Texas Sheet Cake and Salted Caramel. And honestly – I can’t even remember what my husband ordered!! We really liked it – we both finished our ice cream – but it’s not the rich, creamy ice cream that we usually go for. It’s almost lighter, and not as rich. I did love the unique flavors that they had, though, and would totally go back to try more!

Ice cream at Lick - Austin TX

Lick Ice Creams
2032 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX

Lucys Fried Chicken in Austin Texas

Lucy’s Fried Chicken was on my radar before I went to Austin, so on our last morning in Austin, we headed over for an early lunch. We were there right after they opened, so it wasn’t busy yet and we were seated at a seat inside. We ordered the Deep Fried Deviled Eggs to start. My husband went with the fried chicken, and our server talked me into the special, which was their Smoked St. Louis Style Ribs.

First of all – the deviled eggs. Go and try those deviled eggs. So. Good. Definitely the highlight of our meal.

Second – I have to say that maybe our tastes had been ruined by the Salt Lick and the chicken my husband couldn’t stop talking about at 24 Diner. My husband thought the chicken was fine, just not earth shattering good. The ribs were also good, but not as good as the ribs at The Salt Lick. But I would definitely go again for those eggs!!

Deep Fried Deviled Eggs from Lucy's Fried Chicken - Austin TX

Lucy’s Fried Chicken
2218 College Ave
Austin, TX

Roaring Fork in Austin Texas

Last, but certainly not least, is the Roaring Fork. Please forgive the awful photo of that steak, but my husband would not forgive me if I didn’t at least mention this steak. He wanted a proper steak while in Austin (when in Texas, right?) so after some searching online, we decided to try The Roaring Fork.

I ordered the Cedar Planked Salmon, and the sauce was amazing. The fish itself was good, but the sauce is what made it. My husband ordered a steak (I think it was a ribeye?) and even though he said he wasn’t hungry when we went to dinner, he proceeded to eat almost his entire steak. Other highlights included the Mexican Street Corn and the corn muffins they serve to the table. Even though I didn’t get many photos (and zero decent photos!) this was a great meal!

The Roaring Fork
701 Congress Ave
Austin, TX

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