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Every Thursday, I share with you links to recipes that I have done that are posted around the web. Feel free to click through and check them out!!


Who doesn’t love a chocolate brownie/cookie bar, filled with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts? Seriously – who doesn’t?? Recipe for these Dalmatian Bars is over at the Cafe Zupas blog!

True story – I took these cupcakes to a church dinner, and I overheard two girls talking at my table about how much they loved these.  And they had no idea that I brought them.  That’s when you know a recipe is a good one!!  The recipe for these Citrus Poke Cupcakes is over at Betty Crocker.

Another true story – I took this to a family dinner, and not only was it the first dessert to disappear, but everyone was surprised to find out that it’s as simple as a brownie mix and a cookie mix!!  The recipe for this Brownie Cookie Pie is over on Betty Crocker.

I’m always looking for new ways to mix up Mexican night.  How about the flavors of enchiladas, minus the tortillas?  This cheesy chicken was so delicious that I practically licked my plate clean.  The recipe for this Cheesy Enchilada Chicken is over at Betty Crocker.

I love banana bread, but sometimes you just want to switch it up.  How about turning it into bread pudding?  The recipe for this Banana Bread Bread Pudding is over at Betty Crocker.


That’s all for this week.  Have a great Thursday!

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10 Responses to Around the Web

  1. Rosa says:

    Wonderful treats!



  2. Love this round up and overhearing that people love your stuff…oh, how nice for you.

    And as simple as a brownie mix and a cookie mix…love that.

  3. These all like fab, Deborah! I am totally drooling over that brownie cookie pie (all my favorite desserts in one)! I recently made a banana bread pudding when I had some left over banana nut muffins and it was heavenly! I will have to check out your version. Oh and I love when that happens, people raving about your food and they don’t know it’s you who made it! You can’t help but puff up in pride! ; )

  4. Kim Bee says:

    Everything looks drool worthy. I love when people say things without knowing the person is right there. That’s so much fun to hear people are loving your food.

  5. Joanne says:

    I want to eat my screen right now. This post was NOT good for my intense sugar cravings!

  6. Andie says:

    Hi there! My 10 y/o daughter & I made the Cheesy Enchilada Chicken for dinner last night; my family LOVED it! Thanks for the idea…LOVE your site/blog 😀

  7. Great round-up! I seriously pinned/bookmarked all of these! I’m particularly excited about that cheesy enchilada chicken! No tortilla = no carbs = happy me 🙂

  8. Chels R. says:

    Another busy week for you! I’m kind of craving all of these foods right now!

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